Congratulations to our 2018 Titleholder, Northeast Puppy Pup Yeah Yeah!

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  • We are excited to announce that the 2nd Northeast Puppy and Handler Contest is being held the weekend of October 13th – 15th in New York City, NY. Events will start in the afternoon/evening of Friday (detailed schedule here). In addition to the competition portion of the weekend, there will be opportunities for workshops, socialization, and moshing.

    If you are interested in competing, please visit the Contest page for more information.

    If you are interested in attending, registration is $20 at the events.

New York City
October 13th – 15th, 2017

Contestant Application Here


NEPAH Contest Mission

NEPAH Contest was formed to give the Northeast human pup and handler community a voice and to increase our visibility primarily within our region but also beyond. The contest’s mission is to select two titleholders who will not only represent the community well by being positive role models but who are also willing to serve through opportunities to educate, support, and encourage those interested in what we do. As such, the contest is not a beauty pageant but rather more of a job interview in which the selection of the titleholders will be based on a commitment to the responsibility of representing and serving our community. We celebrate the diversity of our community and the contest is open to all genders, races, orientations, and body types.

The human pup play community thrives off a certain excitement, energy, and spirit of cooperation; encourages diversity; and recognizes that we are all constantly learning. As our community continues to grow we wish to empower those who embody these qualities.

We also see the contest as a platform to foster cooperation, understanding, ideas, resources, and encouragement to support existing PAH organizations and spawn new ones in communities without current representation.